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Meet Founder, Shannel Venegas


Shannel has always had a calling for leadership and is able to effectively teach many different people in business and life improvement. Through intuitive coaching she is able to help people shift mindsets and live a more fulfilling life while propelling their business forward. She is no nonsense and will give you the truth, even if it hurts to hear! Shannel wants to empower women everywhere to take control of their lives and do so by being a super strategic business person. Anyone who has worked with Shannel will tell you she has a gift of guiding you exactly where you need to be and helping you overcome anything blocking your success.

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“If I can be the inspiration and know how behind one woman succeeding in life and business then I have done what I was placed on this earth to do."

Shannel Venegas

“I wake up every day and put my two feet on the ground with a sense of pride knowing I get to help women win”

Shannel Venegas

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