Make Money with Facebook Lives

Beautyandhustle SAS presents "Make Money with Facebook Live" is a program designed for any social seller who wants to gain confidence and knowledge on how to convert FB Lives into revenue. Shannel has been selling via FB live for years and is excited to teach others how to do the same!


This is a two week Training course on how to create content and have a strategy in your Facebook lives to make money.

The two week program will consist of 12 facebook videos that will help dial into how to convert Facebook lives into revenue. 
A secret fb group that consists of like minded women.
Challenges from me that will help you tap into what you need the most.



Join now and start today!!


This course was desgined so you can learn and go at your own pace! 

You will have lifetime access to this group and tall of its content.

  • FAQ's for Make Money with Facebook Live program

    How is the class ran?

    There are 12 pre recorded videos that you can view at your own pace.


    What time are the classes?

    The awesome thing is that these are all prerecorded so you can watch as you choose.


    What if I can't watch all of the videos right away?

    This course is designed to be valuable regardless of when you watch the videos. All we ask is that you watch them all and watch them in order!


    What if I have vacation or other plans that keep me away from Facebook at that time?

    Again, This course is designed to be valuable regardlessof when you watch the videos. All we ask is that you watch them all and watch them in order!


    I have taken the 6 week SAS (business program) already should I still do this program?

    If you need help on how to deep dive into the behind the scenes and the how-to's of converting FB lives into money than YES this class is for you! Our 6 week SAS program teaches business foundation this program goes only into FB Lives and how to create content that converts into revenue.


    Who is this program perfect for?

    This program is for anyone looking to gain confidence and knowledge on how to use FB live in order to make revenue. This group is for ANY social seller that wants to take their fb lives from drab to fab and is committed to doing the work.


    How long will the content be up?

    The course content will stay up for as lonf as Facbook is around!  So you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS to this content to go back and reuse.


    Does this work?

    Shannel has been utilizing FB live and capturing revenue since FB live launched- it's safe to say that she knows the ins and outs of fb live. She typically reaches 60k+ in organic reach on each one of her FB lives and wants to teach you how to build that for yourself.

    You do have to do the work to make this work!


    I do not have a paypal account to pay but I only see a paypal option. Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

    Yes! Paypal is simply the processing company we choose to keep all of your info safe and secured. Click on Paypal in check and it will give you the option to Checkout as Guest! 

  • How to GAIN ACCESS to the Private group?

    Please make sure to click on the DIGITAL file that is provided to you! 

    There is a link on that page to gain access to the group! 


    When you click on the link to join the facebook group and make sure you give us your email you used to pay when joining th fb group! 


  • Refund Policy and Purchase Agreement

    There are no refunds on this program at this time. 


    By Purchasing this you are agreeing to not being eeligilbe for a refund. By purchasing this you aslo are agreeing to use the content found in the group used for personal use and you agree that reusing content is illegal.